Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear family and friends,

I hope all of you had an awesome mothers day and showed love for moms all over the world. I want to tell my Mother another happy Mother's Day! Also happy Mother's Day to all my Mommas out there. Love you all.

This week we have been able to teach some awesome people and find some awesome new investigators this week.

First highlight is that I will be staying in Lartebiokorshie also Elder Bangura will be staying for another transfer with me which I'm excited for. Life is good here for us and we are working really hard to move our area and our zone forward.

We were able to teach an awesome young guy named Israel. He has alot of questions but really wants to know the truth about which church is true. He is awesome and I will keep you all updated on his progression.

We also have had transfers this week and Elder Manning will be going to the bush to love that place like I did.

On Saturday night we had a party at our place before we got the transfer news. We made burgers, fries, chicken and some fried rice. It was alot of fun and I will send some pictures.

Another thing that I have learned from this week is God loves all his children. Each one of us is special in the sight of God.

All is good here from Ghana. Hope you all have a good week my people. I love you all. May God Bless.

Elder Paulson

1-Sis N'dri one of the sister missionaries in our zone
2-Sis Sampson is the other Sister missionary in our zone
3-our Barbeque saturday
4-more of barbeque
5-more of barbeque

Monday, May 7, 2018

Another Week!

Hi family and friends,

I have had another good week here in Lartebiokorshie with the work that we are doing.

I hope all of you have had a good week and are all safe.

The highlights of the week that I have are that we have done a lot of finding this week. We have been trying to find some new people to teach that we can be able to widen our teaching pool. Things are looking well though for us here. I have continued to love the people here and the things that I'm doing. The city is much different from this area. The people are different and somehow not as nice haha. I still love it though, haha.

This week we had the chance to attend the temple and see the beauty that the temple has in it. It's amazing how different you feel when you come out of the temple and just you can forget the things of the world while you are in there. I love the temple.

We also just did alot of proselyting this week. Not a whole lot of stories.

One other story that I have is when we went to the temple we had the chance to bring with us a member who is here in Ghana from Sierra Leone for medical purposes and she is an older women but really reminds me of my grandmother. She is really nice. When we were in the car she showed us her temple recommend and it had been expired for two months. So kind of long story short, the temple president said we should go and talk to the area presidency, so we went and talked to Elder Kacher one of the area presidency and he got the mission president of the Sierra Leone mission on the phone and interviewed her and got a recommend. That was a interesting experience.

Well I love you people and hope you are all safe and sound. God Bless.

Elder Paulson

1- Ghana Accra Temple
2- Temple and I
3- this is George our recent convert
4- This is Lydia, a member in our ward

Monday, April 30, 2018

Single Digits (I think he means double digits but but whose counting, haha!)

Good Afternoon family and friends

This week we had a successful week with one baptism here in Lartebiokorshie. Life is good here. I will give you some highlights from the week.

First highlight of the week is that we had our Multi-zone conference on Wednesday and that was successful with the food and with how it went. It is always good to hear from President and his wife and to be able to find out ways to better the work of the Lord.

We also had a baptism this past Saturday which was awesome. His name is George and he is about 38. He is an awesome guy who the Lord really was preparing for the gospel. He is not too good in English but through the church literacy program we hope that he can get better. He was very excited to get baptized and is an awesome guy.

We also had a fun experience filling up the baptismal font on Friday. The pipe that usually fills up the font was not working for some reason so we decided to use the city water pipe that is outside so we ran a hose through the window and tied and the city water was off. So by that time it was like 10:15 pm so we went home and the next morning we had to call a water truck and pay him 80 GH to fill up the font (anything for salvation right?) it was a fun experience.

This week I
 had the chance to read more of the Book of Mormon which I try to include everyday in my personal study. I always learn something new when I read it and actually study it. One thing that I always remember from when Elder Marcus B. Nash came and visited us is he said that he has read the Book of Mormon more that 100 times and that every time he reads it he learns something new. That is so true, every time I read it I get something new that I did not pick up from last time. 

Also for today's activity we went to West Hills mall which is the biggest mall in West Africa.

I love all you people. May God Bless.

Elder Paulson

1- Ward mission leader, I and My comp
2 -sis Chukwu and I, she is sister missionary from Nigeria
3-Our baptism, George is the one next to my comp
4- some members in our ward
5- more members
6- this is Sister sena. Sena is a amazing member

Monday, April 23, 2018


Hi Family and Friends,

I hope all of you are doing well and have had a good week.

This week my companion and I have worked hard to get some new investigators into our teaching pool and it has also been a week of fun and preparation to get food ordered for the up and comping multi zone conference with our mission president.

We have been finding new people to teach this week and the Lord has truly blessed us and has led people into our path that he has been preparing. We met an awesome young man named Benjamin who has a rough life. We have taught him 2 times this week and will be going back to see him again. The members are working hard with us here and we look to be having success in the coming weeks.

I have experienced things this week things that just tear your heart out for people. For instance we were sharing experiences with a less active member and asked and asked if she would be attending church with us this week and she said that she would think about it. We then went there on Saturday and talked to her but she said that she will not be coming this week but will be attending another church. Sometimes you just want to shout and ask why they don't understand and you feel sorrow because they don't and they have their own choices and God does not force anyone. I have come to love these people and want them to know that their Heavenly Father loves them so much! Some times it is not easy!

This past week in Lartebiokorshie we have been ordering the food for the upcoming multi zone conference that will happening on Wednesday. We have to go and order the food from one of the local more nicer restaurants that they have here and then go and purchase the drinks. Really weird to be the one purchasing the food now, usually i just show up to the conference and enjoy because someone else has done that haha.

Love all you people. I hope you have a good week. May God bless. #dontforgetaboutPaulson

Elder Paulson

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Say Lartebiokorshie 10 times fast

Hello family and friends,

To start don't mind the header. I am just running out of Ideas.

This has been a good week for us here in Lartebiokorshie. The work is going great and we have seen miracles for us here.

One awesome highlight this week is we got a call two Sundays ago from a man named George. He said that he wanted to come to church so we directed him to the church and now we have been teaching him and he is really awesome. He could not come this past week because he was sick but we are preparing to baptize him on the 28th of this month. He just says things to us that are amazing. He has prayed and he says that he knows it is all true.

Elder Bangura and I have become good friends now and we enjoy the same things, laughing and just loving the people. He is a good guy and I'm privileged to be companions with him.

We have also been visiting a lot of less actives in our area. It is nice to talk to them. When I go and we speak to them you feel for them and want them to feel the spirit in their lives again.

Today we did apartment cleaning. Inside and outside. We have a gutter right in front of our house and let's just say that it could be on the show dirtiest jobs. It was a lot of work but nothing feels better than hard work and then a nice finished project. After we then went and played basketball at the temple site. My first time playing basketball in over 1 year. Felt good to be back at it. Life is all good here in Ghana. I love all you people.

This week also I finished reading the New testament. It was good to finish that goal in my mission. One place I always like reading over and over again Is 1 Corinthians 15: 8-10. This is my favorite scripture in the Bible. It is Paul speaking and he is talking about how the Atonement of Christ for him is not in vain. I really like that part. He then says how we can not change the past. I am what I am. So we need to look for the future.

May God bless.

I love you all

Elder Paulson

1- Me, Our ward mission leader , Elder Bangura
2- Our apartment
3- Meee
4- main room of our house
5- Kitchen
6- Shower
7- Our room
8-Our study table
9- cafing right now

I think this looks a little scary!  

Bro. Promise and his wife Priscilla

Bro Promise went in search of some shoes for Elder Paulson, his comment to me was "finding a size 14 shoe in Ghana is like finding a needle in the ocean."  LOL!  I guess that is even worse than a needle in a haystack!  

I think this is #6 or 7 pair of shoes.  I may have lost track!  

Monday, April 9, 2018

Back to City Life!

Dear family and friends,

This week has been a good week with transfers and coming to my new area and getting settled in and meeting the ward is awesome. Lartebiokorshie ward has awesome members and the work is good. My companion is fantastic and I'm excited for the things that will happen here.

Well Wednesday was a normal proselyting day enjoying the area and getting to know some of the members in our ward and teaching investigators. Had district meeting and got to know some of the missionaries in my district and zone, haha! Life is good here.

On Thursday we had MLC (mission leader conference) when all of the zone leaders get together with President and the APs, and discuss and have meetings where we talk about how we can help the mission better succeed and we talk about things we need to improve on. It was really inspiring and I liked it and I always enjoy the opportunity to get to hear from President. He talked about how we need to focus on the recent converts and trying to get them to go to the temple as soon as possible after they are baptized and how it really helps in the conversion process for them. It was a good meeting and I really enjoyed it.

The rest of our week was lots of proselyting and getting to know my apartment members and my companion. My new companion is named Elder Bangura (BAN-GUR-A) haha and my area name is Lartebiokorshie (LARTE-BI-KORSHIE).  My companion is from Sierra Leone and he is awesome. He loves to laugh and loves jokes and is very friendly and a nice guy. I am enjoying with him as my comp.

One thing I oved this week is we went and just read the Book of Mormon with one of our members, Alma 5. If you are familair with this chapter you will know that it talks a lot about preparing for the life to come after we die. The chapter as Alma is speaking to us gives us a variety of different questions we need to ask ourselves in this life. It is a great chapter and has a lot of great lessons we can learn.

Well family and friends this has been another week in the mission of Elder Paulson. I love these people and this place. I love all you. May God bless.

Elder Paulson

Sadly no pictures this week!  He said he would take lots this next week of his new apartment and companion.  

Monday, April 2, 2018

Just a  note from his mom, Elder Paulson is now a Zone Leader.  He said he didn't write about it in his letter because it was no big deal!  I guess that is just mission life!  

Back to City LIfe!

Hi Family and Friends,

This week has been a week full of mixed emotions! I got the news this past Saturday that I will be heading to a place in the Accra called Lateriokorshe. I'm excited for my new journey but sad to leave Asunafo. I have grown to love this place. These people are like family to me and Asunafo is home. I have grown very close to this little village and it's truly like Heaven on earth out here. I wish all of you could meet the people and just see how they are. They have so little but would give you anything. They are happy with what they have and it has given me a new outlook on my life and how I look at things. I'm sad to leave but the Lord needs me other places. I am grateful that I have had the chance to be here and learn to love these people.

I'm sad to leave the Elders here as well, we have all grown really close but that is how mission is and we will keep in contact as we go on. As many of you know, Elder Antwi, my former companion has become one of my best friends on mission and it will be hard to say goodbye but we will meet again.

This week we have had some good work going on that I am excited for, Elder Tupou to continue with his new companion in this area. He has been an amazing hard worker and will be a outstanding missionary. I have grown to love him.

My new companions name is Elder Bangura. He is from Sierra Leone. He is an amazing guy and I'm excited to work with him and get to know him more. I'm excited for what the Lord has in store for me in the ending part of my mission.

Well everybody, I hope you are all safe and doing awesome things. I love you all. May God bless.

Elder Paulson

1- Momma caroline
2- This is Eric an awesome member
3- This is sister Aba, the women who stays at the back of our house with her Family.
5- A picture of the Elders in our district
6- A picture of our whole district
7- Me in my african wear
8- Tupou and I

This is a letter from Elder Antwi, he has a great testimony.

Dear Family and Friend,

It was a wonderful week! We also heard wonderful messages from our chosen leaders.I am going to leave Asunafo to the Central part of Ghana.My new area is Bawjiase and am excited to go and continue the work there.I am going to be the District Leader in Bawjiase.I have loved Asunafo and the time I have spent there.The people in Asunafo are really nice and also love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We went to the Stake center in Abomosu to watched the general conference and the chapel was full with many people so missionaries we gave our seat to others to sit and listen to the messages.Some of the people who came does not understand English well but the way the room was quite you will know that The SPIRIT is testifying things to them.I felt it within me Indeed This is the Lord Church.

I asked One old lady who is 90yrs I said Nana how did you see the conference she said my Elder when I was coming I was not feeling well but after watching the conference I am feeling good.The gospel of Jesus Christ can heals us when we are not feel good.

I could not had the chance to watch and listen to all the messages but the ones I had the chance to are all great.Elder Dallin H. Oaks now has explained to as that we NOT THE PRIESTHOOD but PRIESTHOOD HOLDERS. One of my favorite message was from Elder Lynn G Robbins his message he gave a wonderful discourse on learning from our mistakes.He said that making mistakes is human but we learn from our mistakes and grow to become non human.He also noted that repentance is not a backup plan but IT IS HIS PLAN. He said that dont change remain the same.It is important therefore for each of us to understand that we must repent everyday and be constantly changing so that we may become THE SAVIOR HIMSELF.

Thank you all for all your wonderful service for me.I love to read your letters.
Hear from you next week.

Elder Antwi.

Picture 1 our last funny district picture
picture 2 with the 90yrs old lady after watching the conference
picture 3 the Asunafo Elders,I and Elder Paulson are leaving,I will miss Elder Reid and Elder Tupou