Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a good week for my companion and I, we have been working hard to have baptisms this week but we felt that we should push them forward to this week. We are hoping to have 4 this week which is super exciting.

We are working hard here and continuing to be blessed by the Lord in the things that we do. I have come to see the small blessings in my life each day as I search for them. We have found some awesome people this week. One, his name is Martin and he has a desire to follow God and wants to know how he can know which church is God's church. We are working with him and he is doing amazing.

This week Elder Tupou finished his training and it has been really fun to be able to train him and be with him. Lucky me I will still be with him for 6 more weeks. We have grown close in this time and is truly one of my brothers now. It seems like every one in my apartment is.

Well I want to share some things I have thought about this week. When I go to do interviews in Kwabeng which is some how like 45 minutes away we take a taxi and when we are coming back it gives me time to think about things and to just kind of relax. I do a lot of this thinking lately when I have time and it really helps me to relax and overcome challenges. I was thinking this past week about the story of the young Indian boy and his grandfather and they talk about how there is a battle of 2 wolfs going on inside all of us. One wolf is good and one wolf is bad and whoever wins is the wolf we feed. I have thought about what this means and have come to see that all of us have a version inside
of us God intended us to be and all we need to do is what he asks to become what he has made us to become. 

I know that was somehow random and a lot but that was one thing I wanted to share. I love all you guys. stay safe and have a good week.

Elder Paulson

Our Apartment.

Sister Chukwu - one of the sister missionaries

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder Reid and i had a great week this week. Unfortunately we had some concerns to resolve with our investigators we were planning on baptizing, but we should have a baptismal service this Saturday. We have plenty of people to teach and we continue to find new investigators. We had the opportunity to provide service for sister Gyaba, we fetched water for her and her family. We also brought her the sacrament again this Sunday after church. We started teaching a man named Commander 1,  he is very good and will be baptized very soon, we are helping him with his problem with the word or wisdom. My son Elder Reid will finish his training this week.
Have a nice week.

Elder Antwi loves you all.

Monday, February 12, 2018

One by One

Good evening Family and Friends,

I hope this letter finds you safe and well.

Well another week gone by and it seems lately that they are flying by, like it seems like the days are long but the weeks are short and that is just crazy to me.

This week we have had a lot of success as we have gone and done the Lord's work. We are teaching some awesome people who we are preparing for baptism this week. We are hoping to have 3 this Saturday baptized. Life has been good here!

On Thursday, when I was in Accra for my last eye appointment,  I had a surprise Birthday from my mom and Bro Promise, which was super awesome. I was unprepared for it but I loved it. Thanks momma!

We had a great time Elder Tupou and I working this week and made my Birthday very awesome I want to say thank you again for all the birthday wishes.

This week I have been studying the Hebrews in the Bible and have loved it. It talks about how we can continue to have faith in Christ and the reason Paul wrote it is because he was talking to the people who go through challenges and happen to lose their faith somewhere on the road. As we pray and continue to study the scriptures we can always know that our Father In Heaven and Jesus Christ are there for us no matter what thing is happening to us or what we have done. Their love is unfathomable for us. I have come to know that they love us no matter what.

Happy Birthday shout out to my Pops!  Hope you have a great one! 

I love all you people, thank you for the Love and support. Be safe and God bless.

Elder Paulson

Monday, February 5, 2018

More Days here in the Bush!

Hi Family and friends,

I hope you all are doing fantastic and having an awesome start to your week.

This week my companion and I were able to do a lot of good work.

We did a lot of finding new people to teach and also trying and continuing to help our investigators who are progressing towards baptism.   I am excited for the future work Elder Tupou and I have to do here. Looks like I will be staying here until April 3rd, that is when this transfer ends because we will be having a 9 week transfer. I'm excited though for the work here.

This time last year if any of you remember, I was sick the day after my Birthday and now this same time just a little bit before I also got sick, which always sucks. I was sick Friday night and all Saturday. I have come to the conclusion that becoming sick on mission is the worst thing ever. Over it now though, which is good.

We had a great district meeting on Wednesday and talked about companionship unity. As for the spiritual note of this letter, I always talk about the Book of Mormon but today I wanted to talk about the Bible.  I have been reading in Paul's letters and right now I'm in 1 Timothy and in these small chapters he has a lot of great lessons that I have learned from him. He talks about Jesus Christ a lot ad the importance of his teachings for us. I have really enjoyed reading those teachings, I have learned from him.

Well peoples time to go. I love you all! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!  The videos were awesome and the voice recordings!    God bless.

Love Elder Paulson

So sad no pictures today!  His camera battery is shot but what he doesn't know is a friend of his in Accra is going to surprise him with a little pizza party when he goes to Accra on Wednesday for his eye appointment.  So next week look for some great pictures of that surprise!  Wish I could be there to see his face!  

This is a letter from an Elder who is from Kumasi, Ghana serving with Elder Paulson.  I love how he describes their village.  

Hello Mother,

It was great to read your message but is not good to be sick.I know that you will be better soon! It was good to received the priesthood blessing and I know you will be good.The week was great! we taught many people and it was great some were at the Sacrament meeting and it was great to see them.The work is still progressing.

I hope one day you will get the chance to attends a service in Ghana and it will be great, people has a wonderful testimony.

Asunafo is a big village and the people are nice people but is BUSH! I am Ghanaian but I have not been in a bush like that but it's fun and nice to be there.The people in the village are farmers,they plant many types of crops but the most one is Cocoa.The people here are very strong the old people can carry a lot of stuff on their head.They have nice school buildings because they supported by the WORLD JOY FOUNDATION,the foundation has been helping many people here and it from Utah, especially the people in Cache Valley.People here are not rich but they are happy people,there are many different churches here but the Mormons are many.

As for shopping we used to go the nearby town to buy stuff.Everything is great here in Asunafo the Lord want us to be here and we say to Him Father thy will be done we will do the work with all heart and might.

Mother I will tell you more next week.

Love you mother,
Elder Antwi.

This are some of the pictures from Asunafo

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

3 Dunked!

Dear friends and family,

I hope this letter finds you all safe and well.

This week has been awesome and we have seen the hand of the Lord in our work and in our daily lives.

So on Thursday we had Multi zone conference and it was a great time to hear from our leaders and from President Simpson, we talked about how we can become a better mission and achieve more if we focus on loving each other more and that as we do we can strengthen the mission and the Lord will bless us. We talked about how we need to focus on the plan of salvation and what the Lord has in store for all of us.

So on Friday we had a dinner at the Daltons and they fed us hamburgers which was awesome. After though we were searching for motos to take us back to our area and it was somehow late and none of the moto guys we called were picking up, so we decided to walk and on the way a guy in a truck asked us if we needed a ride and we said yes.  So we hopped in the back and he took us home and he told us he is a member in Akrofufu and has had 7 sons go on mission and it was just a great experience and helps us know that God truly watches over us.

Saturday we had our 3 baptisms that I am very grateful for and it is such a humbling experience to see these people enter the waters of baptism, these people I have grown to love.

Shout out to my sister Amelia, Happy Birthday on Wednesday!  I love you!  

So that was about our week. I love you people and hope you all stay safe throughout the week. #6months

May God bless.

Elder Paulson

Not sure how he got those big feet of his in that bucket!  Haha!

The baptism from Saturday!

Cooking steaks, that was what he wanted for his Birthday present!  

Monday, January 22, 2018

Bibia Be ye ye
(Everything will be alright)

HI friends & family,

Well last week was kind of a short letter so I will try and make this one more interesting!

First off Elder Tupou and I have been preparing three people for baptism this past week and this Saturday will be their baptisms,  which I am super excited for!

We went out to prosylite in a small village in
Awosiwasi, it is like 1 hour and 30 minutes from Asunafo, we have a awesome investigator named Alexander out there and he has a real desire to hear the gospel. 

This week we have been working with our ward missionaries that are preparing to go on mission here pretty soon and that has been a ton of fun doing that!

I'm excited for the things that are going to be happening here in Asunafo the next couple of months. This next transfer will be a 9 week transfer and that will put me coming home on the 7th of August which is super exciting. Like I said last week though, I'm going to miss this place more then I thought I was going to when I first came here.

On Thursday we will be traveling to Accra to multi Zone conference.  It is always great to see all the missionaries together and hear from our President, which is very good.  Besides we get to eat fast food.  Haha!  

This week I have continued to read in the Book of Mormon and found amazing things that always help me and the way I'm thinking. This week I read from Alma and Alma 5 really stood out to me. It became the "am I?" ready chapter for me. It talks a lot about the things we need to do while we are here to see our Heavenly Father again.

Well everybody. I love you all. I know this Gospel is true. Be safe.

Elder Paulson.

So sad no pics today!!!  

Monday, January 15, 2018

My little home.

Dear friends and family,

This week has been some how long. Life is good here in our little village. This week we don't really have a lot to report on.

I'm enjoying training again. My companion Elder Tupou and I are doing hard work out here in Asunafo. Enjoying our time together.

This week we went to Accra and had my eye looked at again. She said it is getting better and soon it will be gone. We had a fun time there.

We have a awesome investigator named Sister Evelyn. She is progressing really well and doing awesome. We are planning on baptizing her on the 28th of this month.

I'm sorry this letter is going to be small because honestly a lot did not happen this week. I will most likely be in this area until the 3rd of April. So when Ileave this place I will only have 4 months left.

Well this week I have been some how thinking about how much I have grown to love this country and people. I will truly miss this place when I go.

Love you all. May god bless you.

Elder Paulson

He did not put any explanations of the pics but I would say that these missionary shoes have seen a LOT of miles!  

I love these kids faces!  I love the missionary in the middle too! 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello Family and Friends,

I hope and pray that you are all doing well and are safe.

This week has been a good week and I will just hit on some of the highlights that we have had this week.

Well the first thing is that we had 2 baptisms this week, it was some how a weird situation. Our bishop came to us this week and said that the first counselor in our ward wants his children to be baptized, the only problem is that they will be leaving to Accra on Monday to boarding school so we had to quickly teach them and get them interviews but it worked so it was awesome!

We also had interviews with President Simpson this past week and it is always good to have a little one on one with president and to be able to chat and connect with him. I really appreciate all that he has done and for his great example to me.

Another thing this week is that we have been working with our ward missionaries on finding and helping us to teach because we don't speak Twi so we need a translator to come and to teach with us. We were able to find 7 new investigators this week! So life is good.

I'm sorry this is somehow short. I will write more next week.

In my personal studies this week I have been reading from the Book of Mormon and trying to continue focusing on the small things. As I read the spirit tells me these things are true. I have grown closer to my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ on my mission. 

Special shout out to Elder Double E and Scotter Happy Birthday homies!   Love ya.

<Love you guys,

Elder Paulson

A very large lizard that a member killed to eat!