Monday, November 28, 2016

Good Afternoon Friends and Family,

First off congrats to Bingham on takin State!

Well, this week was long but good! The whole week i was looking forward to Thanksgiving!

We have a dude who we were teaching and he is from Nigeria and a lot of them who stay in Ghana go back for Christmas so that sucks. On the good note, umm we have a lot of investigators who are progressing, it has been a long time since we have had a baptism in my area and our bishop would really like us to get some soon. He's an awesome guy! Also there is a new man we met whose name is Emmanuel and he has met with missionaries before but never got to finish the lessons with them so we went and started to teach him and he is a awesome guy as well! Also our brother Micheal, he is leaving for Saudi Arabia on like the 8th of December but we told him when he gets home he needs to get baptized and do some awesome work! He promised us he would! He would be an amazing convert if we were able to baptize him. It's ok though. In our area and how it is through out all of Ghana is a lot of contacting from like either people just on the street and people at there houses and from member referrals every once in a while. This week though we have been going around to all of our members and sharing the video of #lighttheworld to them and about giving service this Christmas Season. Honestly not having snow or cold doesn't even feel like it's getting to be Christmas but it is still of course.

As for my Dad's question about a cleaning/cooking/washing lady, we have a lady to wash our clothes every week for like 8 cedis but i haven't really thought about a cook lady. Not a lot of members live by us so that is hard. I will look into that this week and see.

The sun is getting hotter this time of year and the dust from the roads is very thick and it sometimes can be hard to see even walking down the roads. We had a broadcast from Elder Stevenson 2 Sundays ago and it was really good to see and hear from him about missionary work and how Africa is rapidly growing in the world today with the Gospel and how important this work is! My testimony for the month of December is that the message of light the world has been given us from not just the First Presidency but from Jesus Christ about what we need to really look at this time of year. Show our Light of Christ that we all have with someone this Christmas season. I love you people so much.

Elder Paulson

He received his size 14 shoes that I sent in the mail this week. YAHOO! In this picture he is at a multi-zone conference and met up with his MTC companion Elder Hill and Elder Jones from the MTC. I received this note from Sister Munro, the mission office sister, "When Elder Paulson emails you - make sure he tells you what a FAAAAANTASTIC job he did leading the recitations at the commencement of the conference!!!!!!! He truly set a positive tone for the whole meeting!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

Monday, November 21, 2016

Good Afternoon,

Hello friends and family back in America. I hope all is going well and i want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Well this week has been another good one, same as Elder Koch, though it seems as it has been really slow. Micheal, the man who was going to go to Saudi Arabia isnt going for like another 2 weeks so we get to teach him more and his desire to get baptized is crazy. He keeps asking us why he can't and we tell him because you won't be able to partake of the sacrament while you are there and go to church and do all those things. He understands but he just wishes it was different. Simon said he is wanting to wait to get baptized because his wife and his little girl are in Kumasi and he doesn't know how they will take it if he gets baptized, which of course is totally understandable but he is an awesome guy and he loves to learn with us. Also, we have been contacting a ton this week trying to find new people to teach. We met this lady and she is very interested and she always gives us oranges when we come. The thing in Ghana is you have to find people who really are prepared to hear the gospel in there life. We have been meeting with a man who is a pastor of another church and he told us the other day that he has been a pastor for a long time and has buried a lot of people in his life and told a lot of his members where their family members are. Then we came and visited and while we were there he told us that he had been sitting there thinking about where his daughter is and was concernd about her. So we taught him about of course the plan of salvation. It was an awesome lesson and we felt like his heart was softened.

Well, that's all I have for this week. Talk to you in a week!

I love you people.

Elder Paulson

Monday, November 14, 2016

Wow first off happy three months everybody! I hope you are all doing well!

Well this week went by really slow to me, but it was good. First off it's crazy to think i have been out for 3 months. It seems like yesterday i was in the MTC eating ice cream! HA! Well tuesday we went and did the usual, went out to teach people and this man Micheal we have been teaching is going to Saudi Arabia to live for 2 years and it sucks because he has been such an awesome investigator and amazing friend! He has started to love the gospel so much and I'm going to miss him. We have had a hard time getting members to come out with us because something has come up or they are going somewhere. So it's just been a lot of other lessons this week. On another topic I'm starting to enjoy some of the food more now not all the food but some, BUT THE FRUIT like my buddy Elder Shoemaker said is Amazing! They cut it up for you right in front of you so it's really fresh and nice. Well it's also amazingly hot here like i told you all before.  I'm just immune to sweat now which is weird but i weighed myself at Michale's house and i've lost like 20 pounds.  i feel and look a lot lighter. Sorry Elder Koch your going to be looking like me when you get home eating all those tamales and wonderful foods. I'll make some FUFU for you people in 21 months or some Banku and you will see. The people here call me bigge and i kind of like it, they all love me. Our bishop is a awesome guy and he always gives us some nice biscuits or drinks sometimes. There is also this guy named Simon and he is really doing well and he loves the gospel and he is wanting to get baptized soon!

Sorry this letter is all over the place, i just feel like i haven't been sharing a lot of information with you guys! Whenever i get the chance to play soccer with the kids in the street i do, even though im really bad haha but they love it. Me and my companion bought some kentai (African fabric)  this week and we are going to make ties out of it! Ill send you pictures of them when they are done! We are already into week 4 of this transfer and its flying by it seems like. Im excited to see what i will do this next transfer and what it  will bring. The little kids here always ask us for money and they all like to give hugs or shake our hands or give us knuckles. Ummmm anything else? The light goes out a ton and we haven't had water in our apartment for a week! haha! We go to church at the stake center so it is a really nice building! Well ill talk to you all next week! Have fun with TRUMP!!

Love Elder Paulson.

One of our investigators children. 

Is it hot yet???

Elder Evans cooking in the dark!  

Mission Tour Kasoa, Mission President is the one just off the center.  I am in the second row, my head is kind of hidden behind the guy in the light blue tie.  Good Luck finding me!  haha!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello Friends and Family,

My week went pretty well with doing the same old regular thing haha. This week we had 7 people come to church which was cool to see! Also this week I taught midweek, and it was really fun! Midweek we just do some small bible studies and talk about the things we have read. I enjoy studying the section we are teaching on and really learning it. 

There is a man, I have told you about him before, his name is Michael and he is really progressing in the gospel and loves learning about it. The other day I bore my testimony to him about Joseph Smith and how there are so many different things that we see that people say about him and what he did.   After I was finished he told me that it was really powerful to him, the sad thing is that he is leaving to Saudi Arabia on the 18th of this month, so it is sad that we won't be able to continue meeting with him. 

Also this week Elder Evans saved a little goat from drowning in this water storage thing, it was cool haha. 

This past Sunday we had fast Sunday of course and the members get up and bare there testimony's about how grateful they are for this church and the blessings it has brought to their lives. I enjoy hearing them, it's more like a thankfulmony instead of testimony. 

I have also lost 20 pounds since I have been out here and i'm loving that part. I ate my first full ball of banku and almost put it back up like three times but i finished it which was the good part. 

Here it's getting very hot and not raining as much, it's getting into the dry season of the year and I still sweat a ton.  Here's some pics of area around where I live.  :)   Love you people! (the one picture of the tree has a monkey if you look hard)

Elder Paulson

Thank Mom and Joanna for the packages!