Monday, July 31, 2017

Well Hello dear friends and family!

This week has been a good week!

So first off we had multi zone meeting on Wednesday and that is always really nice to hear president again. We talked about finding and how we can be better finders by putting our faith and trust in that the Lord is preparing people for this message. This area is in the city and it has a lot of people just here for work, so sometimes it can be hard finding people that actually live in our area. On another note we have been having some success finding and teaching people this past week as well.

Some BIG news..... we had a baptism on Sunday! My first one in this area! Sis. Jennifer was baptized yesterday and it was a great experience for her! She is a little shy so it was I think hard for her to be the main person, but she was awesome! Everything was great and next week she will be confirmed. It was actually the most people I have had at a baptismal service before, it was right after church so everyone just came in after.

Also we have been meeting with a man named Emmanuel that is from Nigeria. He has been learning with us for some time now and this week we are preparing for him to be baptized. Saturday is the day we have set for him. He is doing well and has come a long way from when we started with him.

Well people, I am also reading in Mosiah chap. 9 this is where the people of Zeniff come to the land of Zarahemla and obtain from the Lamanites and they began to grow and have animals and trust in the Lord. Then the Lamanites see that they are growing and they begin to start to attack the people of Zeniff and in Chapter 9 verse 7 it says:

"Yea, in the strength of the Lord we did go forth to battle against the Lamanites;"

I like how it says "in the strength of the Lord" because they are putting there trust in the Lord and not in themselves. I know that as we put our faith in the lord he will strengthen us as we do.

I love you people. Thanks for all you do. Enjoy your Bar-B-Ques and all summer things.

Elder Paulson

Sadly no pictures were sent today because of the very limited internet connection in Ghana!  It is Africa afterall!  

Monday, July 24, 2017

11 months.....going too fast!

Welllll, happy 24th of July Utah people. Hope you all have a safe fun day!

Today has been a good p-day and a good week as well.

This week we were planning on having one baptism, but unfortunately, our candidate did not show up to the interview. So we will plan the baptism for next week!

This week we have had a great time trying to find new people to teach and also we met some interesting people.

On Thursday we were waiting at the chapel for one of our investigators to meet us and as we were waiting for him to show, these two people from Liberia showed up and we started to teach them and they wanted to know more about the church and the things we do. So I have now taught some Liberians as well.

The highlight of my week is that we have 7 new investigators that we have found and are now teaching this week. Our mission president has really encouraged us to find more people which will, in turn, lead to everything else that we have goals set for increasing. My companion and I are trying to find 6 investigators a week. Which will really help us to find the ones who are ready to hear our message. I'm excited for the things of the future for this area. When I first came this area was really struggling and now we have picked it up and turned it around with Elder Akpan and me.

This week I have been reading the book of Mormon, I am now in Mosiah, where King Benjamin is talking to his people and telling them to listen to the things he is saying and he tells us that salvation comes through Jesus Christ and that it is the only name where we can have salvation.

I love the message that he brings to us to be able to put our faith and trust in the Lord that he will keep his promise with us as we keep our promise with him!

I love you people and hope you have a good safe week!

Elder Paulson

1 Elder Ben and I when we went on exchange two weeks ago
2- this cool bowl i want to buy
3- me in my jaliabia
4-our chapel grounds
5- on sunday i gave all the primary kids the toys and the dresses that you guys sent me and dolls. They were so happy and all said thank you Elder Paulson

Monday, July 17, 2017

Good Evening from Ghana friends and family.

I hope this letter finds you all well and safe.

This week was a good good week. First thing is that we are preparing someone to be baptized on the 23rd of this month, so on Sunday. So we are praying and hoping that goes well. Her name is Jennifer and she is awesome. She is younger and we have become good friends while meeting with her. So I hope that she can have the desire to come unto Christ and take this step in her life.

This week Elder Akpan and I had a good week trying to find more people to teach and going out and seeing our investigators. Right now we are teaching about 10 people and are trying to have them all to have baptism dates, we are hoping that way we can have more baptisms and bring people to the Gospel.

Also we have given lots of blessings to people who asked us this week, which is always awesome! When I first got ordained to be an Elder I was worried about giving blessings and I was nervous but now I really love to give them.

I would like to talk a little bit about small and simple blessings and how much our Heavenly Father truly loves us. So on mission I have experienced many simple and small blessings. I look back on mission and realize how much my Father in Heaven has been there for me in times when I needed him most and sometimes when I did not even notice. I promise that as you look for the small blessings in your life they will be bigger then you think. I have had a great missionary experience with great companions and with awesome people. I look back at all the amazing people that I have back home. I know truly that our Father in Heaven loves and knows each one of our trials and challenges and I have seen his Spirit truly touch peoples lives as I have been here. It's amazing to see how the spirit works through us to touch other peoples lives. 

We have been teaching another girl, her name is Anifa and she is Muslim and she has a strong desire to hear and learn the gospel. It is hard for her to keep commitments because of the influence of her family, but I can see the spirit truly testify to her that these things are true. We are continuing to work with her.

I love all you people and I hope you all stay safe!

Elder Paulson

Monday, July 10, 2017


Well happy July everybody. This is my first time not being home for the 4th of July, and honestly is kind of sucks haha. Mission fire works and bbq, but all of that will come soon.

Well first the highlight of the week is we are preparing two people to be baptized, Bro. Ofori and Sister Jennifor, on the 23rd of July, which is exciting because we have not had a baptism here for a long time. So I'm pumped for them.

On Sunday I got to participate in a baby blessing for a new born baby in our ward, we are teaching the father and his whole family are members, so it is exciting for him to see that happen.  The family is awesome and I love them. There name is the Ofori family.

Also a big thing is on Sunday, while I was sitting in the investigators class, the ward clerk came in and asked me to come out into the hall and there were these two ladies from the USA that my mom knew, they came and delivered a package that my mom had sent me and I want to thank all those who contributed to the package, I love it and it is like a little slice of home.

For the 4th of July we bought pizza! It was awesome!  The place we bought it, it was buy one get one free so we bought the big one and got another big one free. It was like a little heaven,  haha! Even the pizza in Ghana is nice though.

Another thing is that my companion Elder Akpan is doing very well with his training and him  and I are getting along great. Being with a companion at first when you come on mission can be hard because you have to do everything with that person, you can't go anywhere alone. Now it's just kind of normal. I also wanted to tell you all about a weird thing they do in Ghana, is when you shake someones hand you snap after with yours and the other persons hand. 

Another good thing that happened this week is I got to see Elder Morris, he has become a really good friend here on mission.

Ghana is good. I love you people, sorry this is short. Not really that much of a week. Just teaching the Gospel to people. Love you all and please have a safe summer!

Elder Paulson

1. 4th of July
2- 4th of July Pizza
3-Prosyleting in the Rain with my hat
4- Our chapel
5- I saw Elder Morris this week
6-Just a nice picture of ya boy.
7-My Package
8-My new shirt. ( love it)
9-our apartment.

Not sure why he is so serious here, except he does take the 4th very seriously! haha! 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

African Wear!

Good afternoon friends and family back home in the USA! Happy 4th of July tomorrow. Enjoy!

Well this week has felt like a long week with a lot of work put in going and preparing people for baptism. "The best thing is at the end of the day your tired and your energy is just drained because you did some sort of good in the world."- Saratov approach.

First highlight of this week is that I was able to purchase some awesome African/Ghana clothing. I'll send pictures but I love it. It's freaking awesome guys..

Anyway. we are preparing some of our investigators for baptism, but they have had a hard time attending sacrament meeting. It is really hard to see people not come because we ask and invite them to come and they say that they will but then they don't.  Sucks but it's a part of mission and you can see how it improves your testimony as well as helps others.

This man, his name is Ben, he is one of our investigators and he has been doing awesome. I think he was sick so that is why he did not come to church. He is doing awesome though. We are almost finished teaching him the lessons and he always has awesome questions when we come to visit him. Also another man his name is Bro. Ofori. He is a part-member family investigator and he is super awesome. He was our only investigator at church this week. He has met with missionaries a lot, but was just not ready to be baptized yet. Now he says he is ready and wants to learn all about the church and the covenant he is making. So we are really excited for him and his family.

Something else this week is a lot of the missionaries who were here when I first came on mission and had just hit a year are now going home and they all told me to enjoy because time flies and it's so true, time does fly by. I'm going to miss those guys and the examples they were for me.

Well love all you people. Keep being safe and love the USA this week. I'll love it from Ghana. Love you guys!

Elder Paulson

1- just a selfie
2-this is Sis. Tahala, she is going home
3-this is Elder Barr he is also going home. He is from Idaho
4-Me eating Kasava leaf stew with rice 
5-Elder Akpan, our investigator Ernest and me in my new proselyting hat

This Boy makes me laugh!  He says he is going to wear his "African" wear when he gets home, knowing him, he probably will!  haha!