Thursday, July 6, 2017

African Wear!

Good afternoon friends and family back home in the USA! Happy 4th of July tomorrow. Enjoy!

Well this week has felt like a long week with a lot of work put in going and preparing people for baptism. "The best thing is at the end of the day your tired and your energy is just drained because you did some sort of good in the world."- Saratov approach.

First highlight of this week is that I was able to purchase some awesome African/Ghana clothing. I'll send pictures but I love it. It's freaking awesome guys..

Anyway. we are preparing some of our investigators for baptism, but they have had a hard time attending sacrament meeting. It is really hard to see people not come because we ask and invite them to come and they say that they will but then they don't.  Sucks but it's a part of mission and you can see how it improves your testimony as well as helps others.

This man, his name is Ben, he is one of our investigators and he has been doing awesome. I think he was sick so that is why he did not come to church. He is doing awesome though. We are almost finished teaching him the lessons and he always has awesome questions when we come to visit him. Also another man his name is Bro. Ofori. He is a part-member family investigator and he is super awesome. He was our only investigator at church this week. He has met with missionaries a lot, but was just not ready to be baptized yet. Now he says he is ready and wants to learn all about the church and the covenant he is making. So we are really excited for him and his family.

Something else this week is a lot of the missionaries who were here when I first came on mission and had just hit a year are now going home and they all told me to enjoy because time flies and it's so true, time does fly by. I'm going to miss those guys and the examples they were for me.

Well love all you people. Keep being safe and love the USA this week. I'll love it from Ghana. Love you guys!

Elder Paulson

1- just a selfie
2-this is Sis. Tahala, she is going home
3-this is Elder Barr he is also going home. He is from Idaho
4-Me eating Kasava leaf stew with rice 
5-Elder Akpan, our investigator Ernest and me in my new proselyting hat

This Boy makes me laugh!  He says he is going to wear his "African" wear when he gets home, knowing him, he probably will!  haha!

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