Monday, July 24, 2017

11 months.....going too fast!

Welllll, happy 24th of July Utah people. Hope you all have a safe fun day!

Today has been a good p-day and a good week as well.

This week we were planning on having one baptism, but unfortunately, our candidate did not show up to the interview. So we will plan the baptism for next week!

This week we have had a great time trying to find new people to teach and also we met some interesting people.

On Thursday we were waiting at the chapel for one of our investigators to meet us and as we were waiting for him to show, these two people from Liberia showed up and we started to teach them and they wanted to know more about the church and the things we do. So I have now taught some Liberians as well.

The highlight of my week is that we have 7 new investigators that we have found and are now teaching this week. Our mission president has really encouraged us to find more people which will, in turn, lead to everything else that we have goals set for increasing. My companion and I are trying to find 6 investigators a week. Which will really help us to find the ones who are ready to hear our message. I'm excited for the things of the future for this area. When I first came this area was really struggling and now we have picked it up and turned it around with Elder Akpan and me.

This week I have been reading the book of Mormon, I am now in Mosiah, where King Benjamin is talking to his people and telling them to listen to the things he is saying and he tells us that salvation comes through Jesus Christ and that it is the only name where we can have salvation.

I love the message that he brings to us to be able to put our faith and trust in the Lord that he will keep his promise with us as we keep our promise with him!

I love you people and hope you have a good safe week!

Elder Paulson

1 Elder Ben and I when we went on exchange two weeks ago
2- this cool bowl i want to buy
3- me in my jaliabia
4-our chapel grounds
5- on sunday i gave all the primary kids the toys and the dresses that you guys sent me and dolls. They were so happy and all said thank you Elder Paulson

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