Monday, July 10, 2017


Well happy July everybody. This is my first time not being home for the 4th of July, and honestly is kind of sucks haha. Mission fire works and bbq, but all of that will come soon.

Well first the highlight of the week is we are preparing two people to be baptized, Bro. Ofori and Sister Jennifor, on the 23rd of July, which is exciting because we have not had a baptism here for a long time. So I'm pumped for them.

On Sunday I got to participate in a baby blessing for a new born baby in our ward, we are teaching the father and his whole family are members, so it is exciting for him to see that happen.  The family is awesome and I love them. There name is the Ofori family.

Also a big thing is on Sunday, while I was sitting in the investigators class, the ward clerk came in and asked me to come out into the hall and there were these two ladies from the USA that my mom knew, they came and delivered a package that my mom had sent me and I want to thank all those who contributed to the package, I love it and it is like a little slice of home.

For the 4th of July we bought pizza! It was awesome!  The place we bought it, it was buy one get one free so we bought the big one and got another big one free. It was like a little heaven,  haha! Even the pizza in Ghana is nice though.

Another thing is that my companion Elder Akpan is doing very well with his training and him  and I are getting along great. Being with a companion at first when you come on mission can be hard because you have to do everything with that person, you can't go anywhere alone. Now it's just kind of normal. I also wanted to tell you all about a weird thing they do in Ghana, is when you shake someones hand you snap after with yours and the other persons hand. 

Another good thing that happened this week is I got to see Elder Morris, he has become a really good friend here on mission.

Ghana is good. I love you people, sorry this is short. Not really that much of a week. Just teaching the Gospel to people. Love you all and please have a safe summer!

Elder Paulson

1. 4th of July
2- 4th of July Pizza
3-Prosyleting in the Rain with my hat
4- Our chapel
5- I saw Elder Morris this week
6-Just a nice picture of ya boy.
7-My Package
8-My new shirt. ( love it)
9-our apartment.

Not sure why he is so serious here, except he does take the 4th very seriously! haha! 

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