Monday, April 24, 2017

8 months, 16 going!

Well dear friends and fam I hope everyone is cool.

Hey guys so this week was another awesome week in the eyes of the missionaries in Ghana and in the eyes of the Lord.

The the missionary work here in the deep city of the mission of the Ghana Accra west mission is difficult. For the most part people are just here to work so people we pass and try to contact on the street are usually walking to the bus stop or heading home. So most people we contact we send the referral to the missionaries in their area. Another thing is we call to set up appointments to go out to meet the people and they are not around so a lot of our appointments fall through which sucks! So ya we have decided to start fresh and find so new people in some different parts of our area!

So there is that part of the letter ha, anyways the week was good on the other hand. Wednesday we had zone conference for the last time. It was a Good zone conference. We talked about how to work better with members and also how to do better finding so perfect things for this area.

Here are some things i liked this week. We were able to visit some members on friday. This one family named the Gingima family, an older grandma and her two grand daughters who attended the church. Very good faithful members and very nice. Also visited another family of 4 small children, between the ages of like 4-12 and one single mother and the faith that this family has is amazing. They are also a very sweet family.

Something i loved this week is 3 things i thought of, the first is in the movie "the Saratov approach" there is a scene where they are being held captive and they are discussing with each other why they wanted and decided to come on their missions, one of the missionaries says that he didn't want to come on a mission but when he was reading in Luke about when Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane and he asks his Father if there is any way he doesn't have to go through what he is about to go
through but then he says 'not my will but thine be done.' I cried at this part thinking about this because. Jesus didn't want to do what he did, But he did it..... because he loves us. Each of US!

The 2nd one is in the movie "Legacy" it's a pioneer movie. There is a part where the main character's father is complaining that he can't make the journey, and she says to him "Father let's help God keep his promise".

Then the last one is in the movie 17 Miracles at the very beginning of the movie the main character says to the captain of the army, "we may not have a decision about their actions, we do over ours" I love that, because we can't control what others do or say, we can only control how we take it or what we do.

Well, that was a brief letter about my week. Happy 8 months to me haha. Love you guys and all of ya be safe.

Elder Paulson

Love these kids! 

Elder Paulson's study area! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 1 in North Ridge

Well this week was full of emotion leaving my old area and getting to know the new area. I hope that all of you are safe and enjoying this Easter holiday as we celebrate and remember our Savior and his Atonement.

Well to start my new companion is a pretty awesome guy. Super funny. He is just a chill guy. I'm really enjoying getting to know him in this new area.

This area is really nice. It's like in the middle of the city so there are a lot of poor people and rich people all in one place. The members are all really nice and love the missionaries.

My new apartment has 4 Elders. My companion Elder Onyemelonu then me and there is Elder Greaves who is from Idaho, then Elder Foday from Sierra Leone. The new apartment that I am in is in a story building and we are on the 5th floor so pretty cool. We can see a lot of the city from our porch. I'll send pictures, don't worry.

Another thing that happened was we were able to go to the temple again on Saturday with our ward. Which is always awesome to go and feel the spirit that the temple has there.

This Easter was just a regular day for the saints of North ridge. Just had normal sacrament meeting, I blessed the sacrament for the first time though in Ghana and everytime you come into a new ward you give your testimony with them, so I also did that. Then the day was just a normal day of a Sunday. Nothing really special.

My new area, like I said before, is smack in the middle of the city, very busy. Something I told my brother was picture proselyting in Downtown SLC Africa style. Haha. I'm liking it though.

Well I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday and had a great holiday. I love all youuuuuu peeps. Keep strong. Push forward till we meet again!

Elder Paulson

At the temple with his new comp Elder Onyemelonu and two ward members.

Sunrise from his apartment.

Sunset from his apartment.

Elder Paulson at the internet cafe. 

I think his sandals have seen better days! 

Monday, April 10, 2017

#3 Area

Well, like always friends and family I hope this letter finds you all well and happy from another week here in Ghana Africa.

This week has been a good week. I am going to just hit on some of my favorite things from this week.

Well my first favorite thing was we were able to go to the temple on Friday. Which was my first time being able to do a session here in Ghana.  I loved it so much! The Ghana temple is very beautiful! Very small though. We were able to do Baptisms as well which I always love. After we ate some nice food from the mall. Enjoyed that day! I could really feel the Lord that day and his presence as I went through the temple. A very grrrrreeeaat day!

Another cool thing is that the rainy season is coming to Ghana. They have two seasons in Ghana. Rainy and Hot. That's the seasons. Awesome right? Ya not really. ha! The rainy season is like their winter though so when summer is on back home winter is here. Which is nice because at night it is so cold. Soooo cold! Actually it's probably only like 70 degrees but feels cold haha! ANYWAYS, so it rained all day Sunday. In front of our apartment it floods super bad because the gutter systems here suuuucckkk. Big time! It was kind of cool. It reminds me I'm in Africa. Because sometimes on mission it feels like this is like forever and I'll never go home.

Another thing is this week I'm am being transferred to my #3 area. It's in a place called North ridge. Deep city. I'm going to be with another Elder from Nigeria. I'm excited and also sad to be leaving my companion who has become my very good friend on mission and will be one of my friends for a long time. I have learned many good things being here in Ofankor from him. I have grown to love the people here, as I did in my last area. I hope that the people whose lives I touched, will always remember. I hope that this new area will bring new promising things. I'm very excited!

Well friends and family. I love all you people. I hope you all stay safe and love your families, be grateful for them and for all the love you have. One thing that is a lot different from mission is, that you get to choose the people you want to be with. On mission you don't really get to. I have realized that I took for granted my family and the love they always give, and also my friends, especially Abigail. The relationships and how easy it was to get along with each other. Be grateful for the things we have in this life. Love you all again.

Elder Paulson

Ghana Temple Day

Big rain storm coming in.

My Comp decorated my Uke for me. 

Flooding in the street in front of my apartment. 

Monday, April 3, 2017


Dear friends and fam bam. How is the USA? I hope it is great!

This week has been a successful week I can say. I have found some interesting new incites on life and how the Lord works in my life and in all of our lives.

Well our investigators are progressing as of right now . Abel and Osbourne and Eva all came to general conference this week and they all said they loved it! All the investigators though have been doing really well and making our job easy.

This Saturday we are planning to go to the temple to do a session and that will be awesome because it will be my first one here in Ghana!

Also not really any big stories this week nothing crazy.

Well I got to watch conference this week. We missed the Saturday session because the stake switched the time on us and didn't tell us so my companion and me and the two Elders who cover Nswam went to their chapel and watched conference LIVE, with them and just us missionaries in a nice air conditioned room. Very nice!

Elder Aiono and me have become great friends and I think this next transfer I will be leaving Ofankor. I have really learned so much here. I have learned from both of my companions that I have had while I was here.

I know this is not a lot but I will send pictures! I got my mom's Birthday package from about 2 months ago. YAY! Thanks mom and dad!

Something I have learned and been thinking about is that even if we can't always see the blessings the Lord gives us they are there. Everyday I ask my Father in Heaven to make sure all of my friends and family are safe and also that as me and my comp travel we can be safe. I see that all you are safe! The small blessings that always happen in our lives are still blessings. No matter how big or small they are. Love you peeps.

Elder Paulson

Watching Conference.

Ghana Accra Temple

P day lunch - pizza, KFC and some sandwiches!  I think a food coma is in order!  

Ofankor Zone

Wearing his Birthday hat that finally got to him 2 months late!