Monday, February 27, 2017

6 months & Elder Kabwika went home.

Good Afternoon from Ghana My people.   I hope this letter finds you all well and safe!

First Last Monday: Started out with washing (by Hand). Then a trip to the mall for some food and groceries and then coming to email and that was about it for Monday.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are always, at least for me, the longest day of the week because we just got off a P day which are the best day and back to work.  We first went and saw Doris, one of the ladies we are teaching and had a great lesson with her about the plan of salvation and families. To her, her family is really important and she loves them very much. We taught with the plan of salvation families can live together forever. That was the highlight of that day.

Wednesday: First we had district council meeting. We then went and saw Bro. John another investigator who is doing well. He and his wife are both learning with us. Then his daughter was there when we showed up and she asked great questions and she could be a really awesome investigator. We then contacted around where they stay and we contacted a young man who is from Nigeria. He does not stay in our area but we gave him a pamphlet and told him to look for the missionaries in his area. We also took his contact and gave it to the missionaries where he is staying.

Thursday: We went back to teach Doris and shared with her, faith and how we can develop faith and also what faith is. She seemed to really enjoy the teaching and we invited her to church.   We then went and ate food at Wannashop.

Friday: Elder Aiono and I went proselyting with his recent convert from his first area who is awesome. We went to Doris because she wanted us to come back again and we taught her and answered what ever questions. We then went to see Bro. John and his wife and their daughter. Answered questions and taught them about faith as well. That night it rained pretty good and it was cold and it was the best thing EVER! Tropical rain is awesome. Tropical storms are awesome! Spencer you know what I'm talking about, right?

Saturday: We did alot of contacting looking for more people to teach because our teaching pool is somehow small. We found some awesome people to start teaching. The day other than that was somewhat slow. We bought supplies to make banana bread. My companion is going to teach me. In the compound we stay, a while back the man that owned the place died and in Ghana they wait to do the funeral till everyone can come and his kids lived in Canada so they came over. They had a huge party in our compound and they killed a goat right out in the back and I got a selfie with it before they killed it which I will send.

Sunday: MY FAVORITE DAY. It is our day to remember our Savior. Sunday was good. We went to church. Had Doris, Daniel, Sewa and Bro. John attend church which was really exciting. We went back to the apartment and I cooked Indomie (basically top ramen) but I bought the family pack and it was HUGE. Bigger then my hand. Think about how big my hand is and then compare it to how big this indomie was. I loved it. Then it started to rain at like 2:00 and did not stop till about 6:30 which was good because we then went to see Sister Comfort, a member.

Well, This week I have been reading in Alma. I did It I FINISHED ALMA. Took forever. My new favorite person in the Book of Mormon Is Teancum. He is someone who is overlooked in the Book Of Mormon, I think. I also of course love Captain Moroni. Chapter 46 when Captain Moroni raises the title of liberty. Read it!

Well People 
love you all. 

Elder Paulson

Weird looking, really large beetle.  

Little goat who sacrificed it's life to feed the people at the funeral.  

What would a letter be from Elder Paulson without a goat!  

Funeral held in the courtyard of Elder Paulson's apartment.  

I know that looks like some construction going on but it is actually the rain gutter.

Little kids from Elder Paulson's ward, Julius and Jaclyn.

Monday, February 20, 2017

6 months down.  First quarter, going on 2nd!

Well folks first off good morning, this week has been a good week!

So, last monday we went to the mall and had some good food, I got something called a sausage roll. ITS THE BEST THING I'VE EATEN. (Kelsey you probably know what they are). Then we just went and emailed and ended our day.

Tuesday- we went and taught people. We taught Doris, Joyclen and Daniel. Daniel is preparing to get baptized this coming saturday. Which I
'm excited about because we have been teaching him for a long time now. Then we ate at a place called Wannashop. It's owned by Americans, I think I have told you guys about it before.

Wednesday- I went on a exchange with Elder Morris so he could interview a lady that I have never taught before but she wanted to be baptized now and our bishop told us to go baptize her because she has been taught by missionaries before.  She said that she has been taught everything so we went to her place and taught her before the interview but her English is not that good so we had to have the Ward Mission leader translate for us. He said that she knows everything so we had the interview and I won't tell you the details but unfortunately she didn't pass. So we will go back and teach her and see if we can help her. On the other hand that day was a fun day being with Elder Morris, I rode my bike up a lot of hills which sucked.

Thursday- We went to teach Joyclen and Daniel again. Both lessons were good and went well. Kind of a long, slow day. I started having a little cold that day so we just somehow didn't go too far away.

Friday- This Day WAS AWESOME! So the day started out slow, we went and saw Florence which is another investigator and then we went to see a man named John. Then after I had a really bad headache and my head felt warm so we came back to the apartment at like 4:30-5:00 and I took a nap, but at 6 we had to go to a baptism for Elder Morris and Kabwika. So we left at like 5:45 to go to the chapel. We get there and the light is out and our bishop is stuck in traffic and he is suppose to be the one baptizing them.  So we waited a little bit and it was like 7:00 so Morris and Kabwika said we will just go ahead so they asked the woman, her name is Diva, who she would like to baptize her and I 
know her, she owns a fried rice shop and I always buy from her because she makes good fried rice so we are friends.  SHE WANTED ME TO BAPTIZE HER!  Awesome experience!    So I threw on some too small white pants and wore the white shirt I was wearing and I got down in that water and raised my arm to the square and dunked that lady!!! Haha! I was filled with so much joy for her!! She has over come so much to get to this point! I love her!

Saturday- We went out and saw all the people we wanted to see come to church. Joyclen, Doris, Daniel, John. Those 4 were our main focus that day and all the lessons went pretty well I think.

Sunday-We had 3 investigators at sacrament meeting! Joyclen, Daniel and Patience came! I was really happy about Joyclen! It was her first time coming to church. It was so good for her and I think she enjoyed it a lot. We then waited at the church to get the baptismal records recorded into the system then me and Elder Aiono went to Diva's, the lady who was just baptized and she fed us fried rice! She's awesome!

Well Peeps. I love you all and hope you are all safe!  I'll send pictures in another email!

Elder Paulson.

Phillip, a member of their ward.  

Members of the ward.  

Ghana LDS Church building, minus air conditioning, just lots of fans!  

Some of his favorite scriptures.  

YUK, is all I can say about this!  Elder Paulson says they spray them and burn them but this is in his apartment!  

Monday, February 13, 2017

Good Afternoon from Ghana

I hope everyone is well and safe first off.

This week has been long for me somehow but I'm going to try and break it down because my mom asked me too.

Monday: So last monday was my Birthday as most of you know and thank you all for the birthday wishes and letters, I loved them and it made my birthday that much better! We went to this place it's called Circle and it's this big market where you can basically buy anything you want in the world, we went there so I could buy a uke. My companion is going to try and teach me. Big emphasis on TRY I have never been musically talented. Then we went to the Achimota mall which is really close to our area like a 6 min tro ride. So we went there and I found MTN DEW! Loved it. Had a chicken sandwich and loved that too haha! We then went to our members house because it was her birthday too and had dinner and cake.

Tuesday: Tuesday we went to teach our investigators with our ward mission leader his name is Bro. Francis, cool guy. After we taught about 4 lessons he went to pick up his nephews from school and we went to eat fufu at Freda's house, she is also a member and one of our ward missionary's. After she fed us fufu I was not feeling too good so went back to the apartment and I was having runny tummy the rest of the night and that night I threw up twice which was not fun at allllllllll.

Wednesday: We stayed in all day because I didn't feel good, I didn't eat anything and just drank water. I lost like 5 pounds.

Thursday: Thursday we had a zone meeting and it basically took all day. It was good, we learned about obedience and how you can only receive all the blessings when you are fully obedient in life and in the mission. It was good to see President Simpson and his wife and feel the spirit they have with them.

Friday: We went out with sister Freda to see some investigators with her, we went and saw a lady named Florence, she is a old investigator who is not so serious but I have faith that this church can help her, she just needs to put forth faith and pray. There is another man his name is Daniel and he has been coming to church for some time now and he is going to be baptized next Friday. We also saw him that day as well, he is excited to be baptized.

Saturday: We went to P.E.C which is a meeting we have with our ward leaders and our ward mission leader. Then we went out to see some investigators which was great, some are doing well while others we are trying to get to see our message.

Sunday: Sunday was good, in our zone meeting our mission president taught us how Sunday is the saviors day and as we go to remember him, we should look our best, so I polished my shoes and wore my long sleeve best white shirt and made sure I looked nice and that I really reflected on the Savior and the things he did for us during his life and it made sacrament that much more meaningful and it helped so much for me to find the reason why I'm serving a mission. We then came home and had lunch and then went and taught Daniel again and he is doing so well. I'm so proud of him!

I'm trying to think of crazy things that happened to me this week but nothing really, we have had a ton of rain today which is good, it cools down the place and feels nice. Let me know how writing my letters like this is and if you like it better then the other way. The only thing i can think of that is funny is FUFU comes up the same way it goes down and looks the same haha! Gross! Sorry just letting you know.


Elder Paulson

Elder Paulson' room, notice the large fans, must feel like sleeping in a wind tunnel!

Must be the Ghana version of a gutter!

Cute Elder, sweaty face and new Ukelelli!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Birthday on a P Day!

Well everyone thank you for all the birthday wishes! I love you people and I am so grateful for all you!

This week was good, it felt good to get back into the normal missionary routine. Which is somehow weird that I'm saying that haha! First off today I saw someone wearing an old Bingham baseball shirt. I wanted to take a picture of it but I didn't have my camera, I was sad but it said Bingham baseball on it haha!

So this week we have been really trying hard to get some of our investigators to baptism and help them to find this truth in their lives and sometimes it can be very frustrating. I know that if they don't come to find the message to be true that we are just planting seeds for the missionaries later on. There is this girl named Abigail, haha like Abigail Thomas, anyone know who that is? haha! I told her that she has the same name as my girlfriend back home. She said that's funny. Abigail is a 18 year old girl who is very interested in the Gospel and has become a good friend in Africa and she is continuing to progress in the church. She is awesome!

So my mom wanted me to write how church is here. Church is the same as it is back home. The church building is awesome though. There is no carpet here and the whole thing is pretty much outdoors. They have big fans that cool the place. It's awesome really.

Also this week we played basketball with some Ghanians again, but this time with like 8 of them, it was awesome, on this little ghetto half court, Elder Aiono and I were on the same team and killed the other team. There was this one kid who was 18 and was like 6'9" and I told him to try and join a team and he could get good. My shirt got all dirty and I swear I sweated off like 10 pounds haha. Also, kinda random I caught another goat this week.

Well everyone I hope all is well and everyone is being safe i love all you people.

Elder Paulson

I received this note from the sweet sister missionary that works in the mission office in Ghana.  Made me very happy and I thought I would share it with you all.   

Hi Sister Paulson

We phoned and sang happy birthday to Elder Paulson this morning. He was off to the mall - I told him to not spend tooooo much and to not eat toooo much cake!!!!! :-)

A package came - more may come this week??????

It is so good to see him smiling and really into the work!!!!!!

Thank you for being such a kind and supportive family. This is a hard thing he is doing - and he is doing it VERY WELL. You must be so proud of him.

:-) Sister Munro

Elder Paulson and Elder Aiono