Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Feels Like a Vacation in Ghana!

Good morning everybody back home.

So I'm going to explain in great detail why my caption is vacation.

So this week my companion was saying that he has a boil on his bottom, he said that it was hurting really bad so on Wednesday we went to see the mission doctor, Elder Anderson. He said that it was some type of staff infection or something worse and my comp could end up in the hospital if it does not get better so he said to come back the next day. Then on Thursday we went back and it was not getting better so he said come back tomorrow and we will see what we will do. So the problem is that all my companion has to do is soak his bottom in warm water but the problem is our bath tub is not so great and the bath water comes out kinda dirty too. So when we went back on Friday he then told Elder Aiono that he needs to go stay at the mission home for a couple of days to soak bottom.

So I was able to go with him because President Simpson and his wife were leaving to go out to an area in the bush with the new mission couple that just came from the Utah Cottonwood Heights area. So we ended up staying at the mission home from Friday till today so he could recover. All they were really trying to do was to try to keep him out of the hospital, which it worked! So.....sleeping under AC for three night felt like I was staying in a hotel. I didn't even really feel like a missionary last week really because we couldn't do much. Today though he is doing much better of course.

This week I was reading in Alma 13 through Alma 18 and in chapter 14 it is the part where Alma and Amulek have to watch the women and children be burned and Amulek says to Alma why do they not use their priesthood power to save them and Alma says to him because he knows that they will be in a better place, and will be saved. I can't imagine the faith Alma had to have to know that they were going to be saved. I don't know if I ever told you guys about the story of the pastor I met back in my first area but I'm going to share it anyway. Me and Elder Evans had been teaching this man for a while and he was about 65 I would have to guess, he always had a lot of questions for us about the church. This one time I felt prompted to go and see him and so we went and when we went to his house he was sitting on his porch looking at a photo album of his daughter who had recently passed away some few months ago. He told us that he has no idea where his daughter is or what she is doing. He seemed so lost. It surprised me and my companion because he has been a pastor for 25 years+ and has done so many things for people who have passed on but when it came to his own family his faith was shaken. We then of course, shared the plan of salvation with him and it seemed to help him. I don't know how he is doing now but all I could do was help him to know where his daughter is. I love this Gospel. I love you people. Have a great week and stay safe!

Elder Paulson

Monday, January 23, 2017

So I'm sorry, I don't have much time. I'm going to write as much as i can in a short amount of time.

Hello Friends and Fam, Hows Life?

I hope first off everything is going well, I'm enjoying it here in Ghana. This week was long it seemed, getting a new companion is good and I love meeting new people especially having an awesome Australian companion. I'm very much enjoying myself. My companion is Samoan born in New Zealand, living in Australia. He tells me awesome stories and how Samoa and Ghana are very much the same. I enjoy being with him.

This week was interesting I guess you could say, first off I found a half court with a basketball hoop and there were some people playing on it and I went over and started to play with them and I ended up winning of course, because I still got game! Haha! Then I contacted a guy out of it. It was awesome! We also contacted this girl standing by the court whose name is Saleme, remember her name I'll talk more about her in a little bit. Also when we went to see some of our old investigators we were able to get them to be more serious about learning with us and now they are really interested in the church. Because at first they all were not that interested about the church, it's awesome to see people change and how the spirit can work on them. We contacted this other guy his name is Frank and he had a lot of deep questions about salvation and we were able to help him. Gosh, I love how the spirit works.

Well now on to Saleme and her story. So we contacted her on Wednesday I think and so we went and saw her Thursday and Friday. So Saturday we went by to check on her but she was not around so we were riding down this hill and she pops out of now where and asked us where we were coming from and we told her from her house, then she said who did we talk to at her house and told her that her sister Mary had told us where she was and she started talking really fast and angry, asking us how we knew her name and we told her she told us. Anyways, this story is super long, but in the end she was a little crazy and all she wanted to do actually was marry us and didn't want to learn about our church. She told us not to come back. It was the most crazy thing that has happened to me so far on my mission. Some how sooo funny!

Well folks I love you people. This church is true and I encourage all of you to invite others who are not of our faith to hear this message that the missionaries have to offer. I know it can bless any person's life who truly listens and opens their heart to our Father in Heaven. I know he loves us so much I have felt his love and him close in my life here.

Elder Paulson

Cool lightening!

Can you find Elder Paulson?

Ghana fried chicken and fries with cold slaw.

Such cute kids! 

We sent a bunch of matchbox cars for the kids, he said they loved them, mostly they just play with a spray bottle or something they find. 

Samuel Frimpong - with Elder Paulson and Elder Wiscombe

He does love his Utah teams!!! 

This is Elder Preston Olchewski from Bingham, He is in the Accra mission, notice they both have their Bingham shorts on. haha! 

Look closely at the top of the yellow part of the truck! How did that happen?

This dog reminds Max of a dog we had, Ozzie, he says he is a really nice dog and they let him in their apartment sometimes but they have to keep him away from them because of how stinky he is. You can see his tail is wagging, thus the foot. 

Sure love this face! 

The Elders the day of transfers.  His comp went to another area and he stayed with the two ZLs, 

Monday, January 16, 2017

ALMOST 5 Months but who's counting!


Just kidding I hope everyone is continuing to do well and be safe.

Well this week went by fast it seems, actually this transfer went by fast with my companion who is sadly leaving me, we have had a awesome time together for this transfer. He taught me a lot and has really helped me. My new companion is Elder Ionoe and he is from Australia, I met him in my last area and he is awesome. I'm excited/sad.

Yesterday in church I had the opportunity to speak on missionary work and how it is important for members of the church and not just missionary's to share the gospel with their friends and family members. The importance of sharing this gospel is our duty, as members it is our life long calling. I know that it might be hard for us to share with our friends because we might think that after they might not like us, but think about eternity, they can be with their families because of this message we have for them.

We have been meeting with a new man we found, who is a less active, his name is Issac and he's a cool guy. He loves us as missionaries. I don't know why he won't come to church but he likes meeting with us. He calls me Elder Paul, haha! it's funny.

Honestly I don't know what else to write besides i have lost like 30 pounds and I'm going to come home looking like Scotty and Scotty is going to be looking like me, haha!

I'm excited for this transfer, things are going to be looking up from here. I love all you people! I know the church is true, I have come to learn on my mission that I KNOW that this Gospel is true and changes peoples lives around the world all the time, You just have to let it with an open heart and wanting to become like Jesus Christ. He is our brother and Lord and Savior. I love you people!

Elder Paulson

Yeah Pictures!!!!

Elder Paulson and Elder Wiscombe

Elder Wiscombe with some members of their ward! 

Member boy who has the chicken pox that is why he is all white with anti-itch cream.  Elder Paulson didn't very close to him!  Thankfully he has had the vaccination!  

Elder Wiscombe and Sam Frimpong (the young man they baptized a couple of weeks ago)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ghana Missionary!

Well happy week friends and family, I hope everyone enjoyed the new year and is safe and sound.

This week went by somehow fast to me. This week was a good week. I got to go on an exchange with Elder Morris and learn from him, which is good. We are still pretty pumped about our new recent convert and his success, this week he was able to receive the priesthood which was exciting. This week we are maybe going to take him to the temple if he can get his own names to do baptisms for the dead! He is learning so quickly and truly loves the gospel. He is a great testimony to me that people can truly change there lives towards the gospel.

This week I don't have a lot to share, it was somehow a normal week doing missionary work and not doing anything crazy, haha! Next week I'll try to have something very exciting for you to read. 

This week I want to share my favorite scripture with you, it's in Mosiah 24: 12-15. These verses are when Alma and his people are taken up by Amulon and have many burdens placed among them, but Alma and his people stay faithful and not only pray but "pour" out their hearts to their God it says, then the Lord responds to them saying that I know of the covenant which ye have made unto me, he says he will deliver them out of bondage and make their burdens light. For me I know that when we put our trust in and continue to do the things the Lord wants us to do and always remember him in our lives he can make our burdens light, he came to earth to suffer for our sins because he loves all of us so much, I know that to be very true. Then it continues that in 15 he didn't take away their burdens but gave them strength to continue through those burdens. Then because of their great faith it says they had comfort and were able to be lead out of the city by God.

For me, my testimony is that through our Savior and redeemer we can truly find the path to our salvation when we come to love him more and more. In the small time I have been on my mission I have come closer to my Heavenly Father and felt his presence more in my life then ever before. I love this church, THIS CHURCH IS TRUE, it is the only way we can go to live with our Father in Heaven again. I Leave all these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Paulson

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year Peeps,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying and new year and being safe!

The new year in Ghana is filled with a lot of fireworks and people drinking so we just came in early and hung out. They shoot fireworks all day and night haha!. For us as missionaries we just bought some like Martinelli's and shook them up and just enjoyed being together for the new year. My companion goes home this years so he is excited for that!

This week was an AWESOME week! I had my first baptism from our own contact that we taught all the lessons to and he is an awesome guy! His name is Samuel Frimpong and he is about 24 years old and he loves the gospel and he was baptized this past Saturday! It was a awesome experience to see someone change their life toward Jesus Christ!

We have been trying to find new people to teach in our area but nothing yet, but things will continue to go forward and we will keep working hard here.

My favorite scripture this week is 2nd Nephi 2:19-26

It talks about Adam and Eve and how the Garden of Eden was part of God's plan for us to come to this earth and receive bodies and make our own choices. I love verse 25. Adam did fall that men might be and then it goes into how Jesus came so men might be saved. For the 4 months on mission my testimony of the Savior coming to atone for our sins has grown and I know he loves and cares for each of us individually.

This letter is some how short and I'm sorry. I love you all! I would love to hear from any of you, please write to me. Yoeli if you read this write me you all star.  Also someone should tell All star Keaton Torre to write me. Thanks!

Love, Elder Paulson

Singing at the Christmas Devotional.