Monday, October 31, 2016

Good Afternoon People,

HAPPY HALOWEEN!! How is everyone doing? First off congrats to my buddy Elder Brown on making it to Ghana right when it's getting hot. Have fun in Cape Coast buddy! Eat plenty of banku! 

Well this week seems like it has flown by it seems! Well let's see this week has been all sorts of different, I'll start off with the spiritual. SO this week we had 6 investigators come to sacrament, which was so good to see! We have a man named Simon and he is awesome! He is wanting to be baptized and he wants his family to be baptized, but his wife and kid stay somehow far away but we will see what happens! Then there is another man his name is Micheal I think I talked about him last week and he is doing good! He hasn't come to church yet but he told us he is planning on coming this week to come! I also saw the cutest little black girl, I bet my sister would love to take her home with her! She always says hello to us when we pass and gives us the biggest smile, we are going to teach her family this week! Also we continue to find and teach more people everyday! Transfers just happened and we had 4 of us in an apartment and now it's just me and my companion! It's somehow lonely now but we are doing good and continuing to do the work, haha! We also go out with this guy and his name is Isaacc and he is 16 and he is a recent convert but he loves to hang out with us and he translates for us when the people we teach can't speak english. 

Saturday there was a stake activity we went to and they had a bunch of things outside like set up and it started to pour outside and we got all soaked helping people bring there stuff inside! It was actully a lot of fun haha! 

Umm let's see since the other missionarys in our apartment moved out we got their beds and stacked two and two and so now I sleep on a double matress bed and it's amazing! I suggest you try it sometime! Also I almost ate my first full bowl of banku this week and I actully enjoyed it! My companion helps me with a lot of the weird foods because he likes them and I kinda don't haha! Umm this week was somehow busy. Since the missonarys who were with us left our area got a lot bigger so we have to walk a lot now and neither of us want to ride bikes so we walk and I'im glad! Ok well love you guys kiss a pumpkin and eat lots of candy for me today!

Elder Paulson

Monday, October 24, 2016

WOW 2 months!

Hello my friends and family!

Well Happy Monday! I hope all of you had a week has been good! First I have a question of who is winning the election back home? Let me know!

First off, Congrats to Dallin Martin on returning and that's the sickest thing ive ever seen someone wear to a homecoming haha! Also congrats to Kendyl Moss on her call to Ecuador! 3rd world country life is where its at.

Ok, so I will start off with last monday we went to the biggest mall in west Africa! Something funny about that though is that its about the same size as the mall in south jordan haha! Maybe even smaller! On the other hand though they have really nice things there! I saw some white people there and its about as weird for me now as it is for other people when they see us! Then that night we went to this family the Frimpongs for family home evening and the dad of the family is our stake president and they have a really nice house here! They made us some jollaif and chicken and i enjoyed throughly! Then we went home for the night haha!

Tuesday I went on a exchange with elder Jolley and that was a fun time! His area is really big and we talked to a muslim man and his name is Jesus and he prayed for us in some really freaky way that i had no clue what was going on! We met some awesome people other then that! Ummmmm i cant really remember what we did the rest of the day other then walking around in the hot sun and me being suuupppeerr sweaty like always haha! The weather is getting to be super hot this time of year they call it homaton. Where it doesn't rain like at all and its just super dusty and ive heard you can barely see in front of you which sounds so awesome (not) haha!

Wednesday I was back with Elder Evans again and we went and taught some people that i really like, one man his name is micheal and he has a loottt of questions about the gospel and he really enjoys learning and is really progressing! His dad is pretty sick and he had been living in america for some time and hes been back here for like 2 months and they are going to have him go back because of the better hospitals and things in america. There's another man his name is simon and Elder Evans has been teaching him since before i came here and he has not been really progressing but this last week he told us of how he is having some financial trouble in his business and he has been praying for things to be better and he feels nothing is happening, he told us he hates these feelings he is having so i shared with him how my feelings and struggles have made the better things in life that much better! I think he really was happy i shared those things with him!

Thursday we had a mission tour with our area president Elder Vincent Which was good to hear from him! He had a lot of good things and one thing he talked about was being fully converted to the gospel and how being on a mission is the best way to convert yourself. He also said going on a mission isn't just to bring other people closer to the gospel but to bring yourself. He had a really good talk! His wife also talked and her talk was about her conversion story and how when she was just 8 years old the missionaries came and taught her and her mom the gospel and two weeks later they were baptized, and how to this day she still stays in touch with that missionary! How she is eternally grateful for him! It was an awesome story to hear about how much an impact missionary work has on people! It almost made me cry! I enjoyed that meeting very much!

Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Mantz and we went to my area this time and went and taught some of the serious people we are looking at to baptize soon! We walked a ton because i somehow got lost because im still learning the area some how haha! In my area there is a chop bar (small restaurant on side of road) and we went to it and they play really nice american music and i just sit there and enjoy my thing of fried rice and chicken and pure water haha! Pure water is water that is purified and they put in bags haha! Kinda wierd but really handy! This week we bought some firecrackers haha and as me and my companion for the day Elder Mantz were walking to our apartment we hear a loud bang right in front of us then one behind us and just a rain of firecrackers flew from the sky like raining on our day! Literally! The other two missionaries in our apartment got home early and were lighting them and throwing them at us! IT was a great time! It was the hardest i have laughed since ive been on mission hahaahaha!

Saturday so we are going through our normal routine back with Elder Evans and we are going to a house of a man who is fairly interested in the church and his name is denchi! He is about 64 years old and is very funny! So as we get to his house and sit down and pray and start to begin teaching with him a car pulls up and out come three men wearing nice shirts and pants and all have briefcases and if you have met these men before you know who they are! Jehovah witnesses! Asymo (big problem in twi) They come over and interrupt our lesson and ask what we are teaching and long story short i punched one of them and they didn't come back.... just kidding that would be bad! We just debated with them and they didn't listen and we decided we would just leave! But i realized that Jdubs ( what we call them) are plain out dumb! Good way to start the day. Then we went and saw this family named the Grace family they aren't that serious but we continue to have faith! The work in Ghana is getting serious people to teach and meet because a lot of people will talk with us, one cause we're white, or two because they don't want to be rude! So we have to go and find the serious people! Lots of walking and the sun is like utah except everything is wet! I enjoy humidity and understand why my bro spencer loved the humidity! Your elbows get super soft! haha.

Sunday is always the best/hardest day because its the day before p day and you just are ready for a new week and the best because you get to go to church and see the ward! I have grown to love our ward! The kids are always asking me for bracelets or CTR rings or the other things i brought for small children but that's the reason i brought them! so just a regular Sunday!

Monday this is when things get fun! SO today there is a town here called budabrum and there is a big hill/mountain there and today we climbed it. It was literally like climbing through the African jungle. I have many pictures so i will send them to do them justice!

Well thanks to all you guys who support me and love me through this time im thankful for all of you and hope you enjoy this nice LONG letter haha!

Love, Elder Paulson

New tie!

View from above!

Jungle P Day hike! OMG!

Internet cafe!

The famous water in a bag!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dear People of the promised land,

Well another week here is Africa, things have been going well, the tro-tro rides are getting better, the language is getting easier to understand and the food..... well the food still sucks haha. Ghana is fun and this week has been pretty good. Its been the same and we always talk to crazy drunk guys or to Jehovah witnesses who are nuts.  It's all exciting and it is becoming mango season here and I have never been more excited for something in my life haha! We have an old guy who we are teaching and his name is Denchi and he is a funny old guy and the other day when we were teaching a lesson and they always dry things outside and they were drying this one weird vegetable or something and this bird starts to eat it and he throws a rock at it and says a very naughty word and me and my comp just start laughing haha. It was great, there is also a guy whose name is Micheal and he is great and has so many questions about the gospel and has been to our church before but he's a great guy and he is becoming one of our good friends. 

Me and my companion shoot lizards with our sling shots for fun which I enjoy and sometime you should try washing your clothes by hand its a great time (not). There are so many cool things going on here! I bought this cool back pack at the beach on the last p day and its the best purchase I have made in a while haha. The ocean is cool and there are guys there that sell bracelets and a bunch of hand made things there which is cool and they are all smoking weed haha! which is pretty funny i guess! 

Well not the biggest or greatest this week but I love you people.  More next week!! 

Elder Paulson

Saturday, October 15, 2016

I found this picture on Facebook a couple of days after his P day!  

Monday, October 10, 2016

Good Morning Folks,

Well another week in Africa down. I am enjoying Ghana!!!! . You know the best thing about Africa is that you can almost do anything and no one cares. Like this week I caught two goats and it was the best time I've had here!

On a spiritual note, we taught some amazing people and I BAPTIZED two people! My very first baptisms! Very exciting! During the week we taught many people as usual. A lot of new people and a lot of un-serious people. Also a man we invited to come to church this week came and he said he has a lot of questions but he enjoyed it he said and so that's really good!

Also some more funny things is my companion fell in the market and everyone called him o'bruni which was super funny! Today we went to the beach and I bought a cool back pack and saw some white people, which is exciting haha! Also in Ghana the worst thing you can do is steal and we were in a market, and the markets in Ghana are huge like you would think an African market would be like, anyways, one guy grabs another guy and starts yelling "Police! Police!" then he starts punching and choking the guy and in Ghana if you steal everyone beats you so everyone started coming in and hitting him, it was a little nerve racking but at least I will never steal! In Ghana there is always something crazy happening but it's a very safe place. No one is here to hurt you.

Last week we were in the market and a crazy guy came up to us and started yelling "I'm racist" and it was really funny! It's fun to see how many people ask me to marry them or take them to America. A lot of people look at us like we're celebrities and the thought goes through my mind that they have probably never seen a white person before, so I try to be as friendly as possible to them to make their first experience with a white person as best as possible and they laugh and joke a lot too.

Well other then all that other stuff nothing too interesting really! Haha!  Love all you homies and sorry if I can't write back to you in the email you sent me but know that I love you and you're all in my prayers.

Elder Paulson

My kitchen, looks pretty normal!

Missionary antics!
Yeah, a beach!!

Anywhere there is a beach it can't be too bad!

Kasoa Market

Monday, October 3, 2016


To whom this may concern,

Hello people of the USA, what a great county you live in. Enjoy it, live it up haha. Well this week was a pretty good one I say. I have tried many new things this week, the first thing I tried was fufu with some type of stew, and you can look all these up if you really want to know, but the fufu was not nice. It's like slimy and hard to get down. I also had some Banku and Okru stew which was also rough to get down and is not very nice but my companion loves it. I LOVE jollaif rice. Its about the only thing so far that I have enjoyed besides the fruit which is fantastic and so fresh! The mango season is coming and I'm pretty excited about it. For anyone wondering, I do all my proselyting walking, which is nice.  I don't think there has been a day here where I have not sweated but on the bright side of that I think I have lost like 8 pounds haha. I have handwashed my first pair of clothes and it was pretty fun, makes you appreciate washers and dryers haha. I have learned many new Twi words and it's fun to use them to talk to people. They get so surprised when we know how to talk a little bit of the language haha. Tuesday-Friday have been about normal, just going out trying to find people to teach. There's not a ton that has happened this week. We have only had water 2 days this week so i have been taking showers out of water in a bag and that's something you don't do everyday. Also it has rained a ton here the past couple of days and everything floods. 
 With some members we made toffee popcorn and watched Book of Mormon stories movie and that was fun. Well sorry it's not the longest, I don't have much this week.  I love all you peeps and just keep being great people and I'll talk to you in a week.

Elder Paulson