Monday, July 31, 2017

Well Hello dear friends and family!

This week has been a good week!

So first off we had multi zone meeting on Wednesday and that is always really nice to hear president again. We talked about finding and how we can be better finders by putting our faith and trust in that the Lord is preparing people for this message. This area is in the city and it has a lot of people just here for work, so sometimes it can be hard finding people that actually live in our area. On another note we have been having some success finding and teaching people this past week as well.

Some BIG news..... we had a baptism on Sunday! My first one in this area! Sis. Jennifer was baptized yesterday and it was a great experience for her! She is a little shy so it was I think hard for her to be the main person, but she was awesome! Everything was great and next week she will be confirmed. It was actually the most people I have had at a baptismal service before, it was right after church so everyone just came in after.

Also we have been meeting with a man named Emmanuel that is from Nigeria. He has been learning with us for some time now and this week we are preparing for him to be baptized. Saturday is the day we have set for him. He is doing well and has come a long way from when we started with him.

Well people, I am also reading in Mosiah chap. 9 this is where the people of Zeniff come to the land of Zarahemla and obtain from the Lamanites and they began to grow and have animals and trust in the Lord. Then the Lamanites see that they are growing and they begin to start to attack the people of Zeniff and in Chapter 9 verse 7 it says:

"Yea, in the strength of the Lord we did go forth to battle against the Lamanites;"

I like how it says "in the strength of the Lord" because they are putting there trust in the Lord and not in themselves. I know that as we put our faith in the lord he will strengthen us as we do.

I love you people. Thanks for all you do. Enjoy your Bar-B-Ques and all summer things.

Elder Paulson

Sadly no pictures were sent today because of the very limited internet connection in Ghana!  It is Africa afterall!  

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