Monday, June 26, 2017


Wow, another week gone. Hi Fam and Friends. How's America?

This week has been a good week and also somehow a slow week.

SO first last Monday. We went to play basketball at the temple site. I got to see some of my friends that will be finishing their missions and be heading home on July 4th. Which is crazy because when I came they had just been out a year and now it's the other way around. SO you know what that means this time next year. Ha! just kidding.

So we have been doing lots of work with our investigators preparing them for baptism and helping them keep there commitments. We have one investigator, his name is Edward. He is maybe mid 50s I think. He has had a lot of questions about the church. We were able to have one of our members to come out with us to help us teach him and speak Twi to him because my Twi is still not that good but I am learning and it will be before I come home. Anyway we were able to have him come to answer his questions. Our member is great he is a returned missionary that served in Nigeria. He knows a lot and really helped Bro. Edward to answer his questions.

We have been doing a lot of work trying to find new people to teach because most of our old investigators have been not really keeping commitments so we are trying to find new people to teach. We got a referral last Sunday. He is a part-member family, he is the father of a family in our ward that are all members besides him. We met with him on Saturday and he said he is now ready to be baptized and wants to learn. I really admire him waiting and searching and finding out for himself if these things are true and now that he is ready it will make him an even stronger member of the church and sometimes these type of people are hard to find on mission here. It seems that God knows our efforts and will bless you in ways you sometimes you didn't expect. So that's awesome.

We only had one person show up to sacrament which was hard because we wanted like 4 people this week wit the people we had been preparing to come to church. Only the Part-Member family man. His name is Bro. Ofori. Awesome guy.

Last thing is in my studying, I have learned so many great things. It's true that you go on mission to converts others, but also you go to convert yourself. In John chapter 11 Jesus does a miracle a raises Lazarus from the dead and suggest you all go and read it.

Love you all, Enjoy summer because in Ghana its rainy season.

Elder Paulson

Monday Family Night

English, Twi and French Book of Mormons

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  1. Keep your positive attitude and the people who need you will come. I'm proud of you and your love for your Heavenly Father.
    My prayers are with you and your family.
    Kathi Peck